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What Is Northwestern Academy?

Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools is a multi-year program designed to prepare Chicago Public Schools high school students for highly selective colleges and universities through supplemental educational opportunities and support services. Academic year and summer learning experiences, tutoring in academic skills, leadership development, self-regulatory learning, comprehensive academic and college counseling, and family workshops are provided through the four-year program.

The Academy is intended to serve Chicago public high school students, from households of limited financial means, who do not attend one of the Chicago Public Schools selective enrollment schools. Students may apply in ninth grade. The Academy will cultivate relationships with Chicago Public Schools high schools and K-8 schools to facilitate student nomination and on-site support for grades 10 through 12.

Northwestern Academy builds on Northwestern University's Good Neighbor, Great University initiative that provides special financial aid packages for qualifying low- and middle-income students from Chicago who enroll at Northwestern University. The Academy was established in 2013, as announced by Northwestern University and the City of Chicago.


To increase access and the successful matriculation of underrepresented and talented Chicago Public Schools students to top-tier colleges and universities by providing college preparation programming, academic support and enrichment, self-regulatory learning experiences, and nurturing aspirations.


  • Increase the number of diverse Chicago Public Schools students matriculating to top-tier universities
  • Provide year-round academic support and enrichment
  • Engage students in rigorous learning opportunities and experiences
  • Provide comprehensive academic and college counseling to students and their families
  • Nurture passion for academic endeavors
  • Foster mutually supportive relationships with students, Chicago Public Schools communities, families, members of the Northwestern University community and Academy staff
  • Work with students to strengthen leadership skills, self-reliance, critical and creative thinking skills, and self-advocacy


There is power and immense value in having access to a breadth and depth of exceptional learning opportunities.

Excellence is the mission, and we are committed to providing support and opportunities for students to position themselves to realize their goals of academic achievement.

Collaboration is vital to eradicating access barriers to students facing financial, academic and social support challenges.

Tangible motivators provide the foundation for success through which students make meaningful decisions and have confidence in their present and future actions.

Ownership of learning and a vision of the future are critical to cultivating initiative and the drive to optimize opportunities.

Northwestern Academy for Chicago Public Schools

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